Business Planning / Financial Modelling

Business planning represents a forecast of business performance. Its preparation requires quantification of and consolidation of all relevant information regarding the expected future performance of the enterprise taking market conditions into account.

Business planning regularly comprises the basis for making business decisions:

  • It enables the entrepreneur to illustrate various business scenarios, to evaluate potential alternative decisions and, based on this analysis, to make sound business decisions.
  • In the context of company valuation, business planning is the basis for determining inflows which are relevant for valuation purposes.
  • In addition, business planning is generally the requirement for borrowing funds in connection with
    • business formations,
    • planned investments,
    • purchase price financing in the case of a business acquisition, e.g. in the case of business succession.

We have been preparing business plans and valuing companies for more than twenty years. This experience, together with our integrated planning and valuation tools, enables us to subject your plans to a sophisticated analysis, to present them in a transparent manner and to emphasise their advantages.

Our services

  • Preparation and plausibility review of business plans
  • Preparation and plausibility review of integrated business plans comprised of forecast P&L, forecast balance sheet and forecast cash flow statement
  • Modelling scenarios and performance of sensitivity analyses

Benefits to you

  • Extensive experience from a broad range of planning and valuation projects
  • Certainty in decision-making and acceleration of processes
  • Professional planning models as a basis for your credit application