Business Succession

Business succession generally describes the transfer of a (typically) medium-sized business to a successor by virtue of retirement. In ideal cases, plans for succession are drawn up together with an advisor who specialises in business succession at an early stage; this is particularly the case where the successor is a family member. This includes, for example, open discussions within the family as well as placing the potential successor in a position of responsibility within the business at an early stage.

In addition to the classic business sale for a lump-sum payment, potential transfer options also include a sale for a recurring payment (annuity, instalment sale / earn-out or long-term encumbrance), succession by means of anticipated inheritance and an incremental transfer to family members through the formation of partnerships or corporations. Because of the large variety of means of effecting a transfer and potential tax planning opportunities, the tax aspects and financing plan for the desired form of transfer should be addressed at an early date.

As a business succession specialist we provide advice not only in the case of family-based business succession transactions but also business transfers to existing management (MBO) or to outside management (MBI). A topic which includes complex issues such as valuing the business, purchase price financing and obtaining optimal tax results. We offer you professional services under one roof.



Among other things, our expertise encompasses consultancy provided within the parameters of companies’ follow-up projects in the following (selected) areas:

  • Power engineering (MBO)
  • Plant engineering (MBO)
  • Data entry systems (MBO)
  • Service providers for the electronics industry (MBO)
  • Chemical plant engineering (MBO)