Due Diligence

Due diligence is the general term for a review of the target company in connection with the acquisition of a business. The review generally focuses on the finance, tax and legal areas. Accordingly, auditors, tax advisors and attorneys are all used in this process. The fact that the party acquiring the business does not want to buy a “pig in a poke” obviates any other need to explain the need for due diligence.

Finally, as a result of amendments to the Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz), due diligence was become the standard of conduct for board members and company management. Only by performing due diligence may company governing bodies shield themselves against claims that they have not acted in accordance with their duties.

When financing the purchase price for the acquisition, the practical requirement to submit a due diligence report is based on the credit terms of the bank providing the financing.

Our services

  • Preparation of company data for due diligence purposes
  • Presentation of company data in a physical or virtual data room
  • Performance of financial, tax and legal due diligence
  • Report on the results of the due diligence review based on recognised market standards
  • Communication of the results of the analysis between buyer, seller and funding institution
  • Incorporation of the results of the analysis in a company valuation

Benefits to you

  • Twenty years experience in conducting due diligences
  • Recognised as an expert by other market participants and banks
  • Work performed by an interdisciplinary team
  • Efficient work-flows
  • Timely and economical execution