Business acquisitions

The reasons for acquiring a business may be summarised as follows:

  • A desire to work for oneself
  • The acquisition of a competitor
  • Diversification of one’s own product offerings
  • Increasing the degree of vertical integration
  • The acquisition of know-how
  • Taking advantage of an opportunity

The analysis of relevant industry sector represents the first step toward identifying suitable target companies. This step is followed by discrete contacts with the business owners in order to gauge interest in principle to a change in ownership. Should this contact be positively received, the next step is to submit an initial proposed purchase price. This presupposes that a valuation of the company has already been performed.

In every case, the success of the business acquisition depends on the target company actually satisfying the assumptions made by the buyer. This is assessed by means of due diligence. Due diligence is followed by a detailed company valuation which serves as the basis for purchase price financing and tax planning for the transaction.

Our services

  • Identification of potential target companies
  • Contact with the owners
  • Organisation of the business acquisition
  • Review and valuation of the target company
  • Negotiation of the business acquisition

Benefits to you

  • Well-versed in organising the acquisition of a business
  • Professional review (due diligence) of businesses
  • Professional enterprise valuation