Business Sales and Acquisitions

We have been advising medium-size companies and entrepreneurs for more than 20 years with regard to domestic and foreign business transfers. During this time, we have successfully concluded 200 transactions in the form of share deals, asset deals, MBOs, MBIs or internal succession.

Successful business transfers require know-how and discretion as well as expert answers to complex, interdisciplinary issues. Our M&A consultants, valuation specialists, tax advisors and auditors work as a smooth-running team that exclusively focuses on the performance of these tasks. Their experience and years of collaboration ensures that a planned M&A will be executed professionally.

Our M&A services cover the core steps of transferring a business from company valuations, buyer / seller searches to directly contacting interested parties and negotiating transaction documents. We organise all of these steps based on a database we have created and keep you apprised at all times. We consult with you on important decisions. This way, you retain complete control without needing to discuss every individual step with potential buyers/sellers. A good starting point for a strong negotiating position.

You can only sell your life’s work once. In our opinion, this makes employing professionals for this task the least you can do.



Among other things, our expertise encompasses support extended during M&A processes in the following (selected) areas:

  • Divestment of a company engaged in the mobile entertainment sector
  • Divestment of a wind energy company
  • Divestment of a development organisation focusing upon visual sensor systems
  • Divestment of a mechanical engineering company
  • Divestment of an Internet platform
  • Divestment of a raw materials producer
  • Divestment of an air-conditioning company
  • Divestment of a company engaged in the ophthalmic optics sector
  • Divestment of shares in a communications agency
  • Divestment of a signal construction company
  • Divestment of a company engaged in the laboratory and analysis technology sector
  • Divestment of a company engaged in the transport systems sector