Tax Consulting

A tax return is often a bothersome obligation. Hard to understand forms as well as a constantly-changing environment influenced by the courts and changes in the law make preparing tax returns increasingly difficult. Our team stays current through on-going education and training and applies its extensive knowledge in preparing your tax returns.

We answer your structuring and optimisation questions with foresight and specific recommendations. We help you assert your rights in the face of erroneous assessments through appeals or change requests.

Our services

  • Income tax returns
  • Trade tax returns
  • Corporate income tax returns
  • Capital gains tax returns
  • Uniform and separate determination of profits
  • VAT returns
  • Gift and inheritance tax returns
  • Communications with the tax authorities
  • Review of tax assessments

Benefits to you

  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Tax savings through the use of statutory elections
  • The review of your assessments and our communications with the tax authorities ensure correct tax treatment