Reorganisation opinions pursuant to standard IDW S6

A reorganisation opinion is necessary as soon as your business finds itself in a crisis and you wish to initiate talks with your bank. The presentation of a reorganisation opinion prepared by an independent advisor based on standard IDW 6 from the Institut der Wirtschaftsprüfer (Institute of Public Auditors in Germany) (IDW) is therefore generally the prerequisite for successful negotiations with your bank. This must present whether and how sustainable profitability and competitiveness may be restored in a transparent, objective and convincing manner.

As a rule, the reorganisation opinion addresses the following issues:

  • Starting point analysis: What is the current situation of your business? What stage of a crisis is your business currently in and what caused the crisis?
  • Ability to be reorganised: Can the business be maintained as a going concern (liquidity standard) and is it possible to return to sustainable profitability and competitiveness?
  • Measures: What measures are planned to address the business crisis and how are they to be implemented?
  • A reorganisation plan then quantifies the measures planned and provides answers to the questions listed above. It is based on integrated business planning which consists of comprehensive plans related to the net assets, financial position and results of operations of your business and includes scenarios or sensitivity analyses as well as an analysis of key performance indicators.

A reorganisation opinion pursuant to IDW S6 requires both legal and business know-how. Our interdisciplinary team, which includes business planning specialists, auditors, tax advisors and specialised attorneys, possess the necessary tools and a wealth of experience.

Our Services

  • Preparation and plausibility review of integrated business planning as a component of the reorganisation opinion
  • Analysis and assessment of existing reorganisation opinions
  • Preparation of reorganisation opinions pursuant to IDW S6
    • Performance of necessary analyses
    • Development of individually-tailored reorganisation measures
    • Drafting of integrated reorganisation plans

Benefits to you

  • Independent second opinion on existing reorganisation opinions
  • Tailored reorganisation opinions pursuant to IDW S6 as a basis for talks with your bank