Annual financial statements and profit and loss statements

The closing of your accounts and the accounting cut-off of your financial year comprise your annual financial statements. It presents the financial results of your business and your financial situation. Accordingly, it represents an important basis for making decisions by investors, customers, vendors and for you. We know what is important based on our expertise in company valuation and controlling. We analyse and interpret your annual financial statements together with you. These form the cornerstone for the strategic decisions you make and present an ideal picture of your company to outside parties.

Our services

  • Preparation of annual financial statements for stock corporations (AG), private limited companies (GmbH), general partnerships (OHG), limited partnerships (KG) as well as sole proprietorships
  • Preparation of profit and loss statements
  • Maintenance of separate accounts for partners in a commercial partnership
  • Preparation of special purpose balance sheets and supplemental balance sheets for partners in a commercial partnership
  • Plausibility reviews
  • Balance sheet analysis

Benefits to you

  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Analysing and interpreting the balance sheet together with us, helps you gain a deeper understanding of your annual financial statements which represents the basis for strategic decision-making
  • In addition to compliance with statutory requirements, our expertise in company valuation, controlling and financing assures
    • an ideal presentation of your business to external parties,
    • ratings benefits and advantages when dealing with investors,
    • early recognition of crisis indicators,
    • and an ideal basis for future decisions.