Auditing, Tax Consulting and Bookkeeping

Our qualified staff prepare your financial and payroll accounts with the use of DATEV software applications – on a monthly, weekly or daily basis as desired. Our team may also take care of funds transfers for you. They make decisions with regard to the payment of selected creditors on the basis of a payment proposal list. If your accounting records are not intended to leave your business, we offer you the option of posting items as digitalised data via our application “Unternehmen online”. This enables you to access your accounts wherever you are. If desired, we can prepare your accounts on your premises. In the event you have your accounts prepared by your own employees, we offer you a monthly review of postings relevant to advance turnover tax return. Annual financial statements and tax declarations are prepared by our tax advisors on a prompt basis. We are available any time to answer your tax-related questions.

We successfully completed the peer review required for the performance of audits in 2011. We employ modern audit software from AUDICON for our audit engagements. Our clients include private medium-sized and large companies, as well as public sector entities, and include the electrical engineering, financial services, housing and mechanical engineering sectors. We perform special audits in addition to auditing annual financial statements.